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Toby Green has participated in many radio and television programmes around the world. He presented the 2006 TV documentary "Yamanas", directed by award-winning Italian director Tullio Bernabei, and the 2014 documentary on the Inquisition broadcast by Discovery Channel. He has appeared on TV chatshows and cultural programmes in Argentina, Brazil, Britain, Portugal, The Gambia, and Uruguay. He has been interviewed on Good Morning Gambia, Globo TV's thirty minute "Milenio" interview in Brazil, on RTP's flagship cultural programme "A Forca das Coisas", RTP´s Africa channel and TVI´s "Revista da Imprensa" in Portugal. He also presented a short film for the Guardian website on the Darwin bicentenary in 2009.

On radio, he has been interviewed on BBC World Service's The World Today and The Forum, on Radio 3's Night Waves and Free Thinking, Radio 4's Open Book and Excess Baggage, as well as on Radio 2, The Voice of Islam, local radio, and stations in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

His books have been the subject of interviews and reviews in newspapers in Argentina (Clarin, La Nacion), Brazil (O Globo, Veja, Folha de Sao Paulo), Germany (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung), Guinea-Bissau (O Democrata), Holland (De Volkskrandt, NRC Handelsblad), Norway (Aftenposten, Dagbladet), Portugal (Ler, Sabado), Uruguay (El Pais), and the USA (New York Review of Books, Wall Street Journal).

Public Appearances

Green is an experienced public speaker, and in the UK has given public lectures at the British Academy, Tate Modern, the Royal Geographical Society, Canning House, Chelsea's Physic Garden, the Royal Botanical Gardens at Edinburgh and the Dartington Literary Festival. He has also chaired events with the philosopher John Gray at the Royal Society of Arts, the philosopher AC Grayling and the Darwin biographer James Moore.

He has lectured widely internationally, in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. He has made appearances at events at the Oslo International Film Festival, the Montevideo International Book Fair, Porto's Casa do Infante, the Quai Branly Museum in Paris, and at the Museo Renault in Buenos Aires.


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